Head Stateside this summer

It’s fast approaching Memorial Day in the USA, the day for Americans to remember those who died fighting for their country. It falls on the last Monday in May, which this year is May 30th. For visitors, that weekend more or less marks the beginning of the tourist season for those attractions that open only during the summer months. In New York, for instance, that’s when the new Gansevoort Market is expected to open and the weekend Governor’s Island kicks off its summer season. For many Brits, a holiday in the USA means taking the kids to Florida’s theme parks, or perhaps a shopping trip to the Big Apple. The reality is, of course, that there is so much more.


Lower Manhattan as viewed from the Staten Island Ferry

I’m often surprised to read on travel forums that people write the country off because of its draconian immigration procedures, when in fact in my experience it’s rarely worse than anywhere else. Some even claim that the $14 ESTA is a deal breaker – seriously, a £9 charge on a long haul holiday? That’s hardly going to leave you without spending money. I’ve travelled a lot in the States and I can honestly say, Florida aside, (I’m no fan of the Mouse) I’ve never begrudged paying it to see such incredible and varied scenery. So, to mark Memorial Day, here’s my pick of America’s very best tourist spots. It’s been hard to whittle them down and I could easily add more.

This Memorial Day weekend I’m going to be in my favourite US city – New York. Where are you going to be?

A float trip in the Grand Tetons


Bad skies in the Badlands


New Orleans


Pike Place Market, Seattle


Savannah’s squares


Bar Harbor – lobster and beer


The Rodeo at Cody


Canyons, rock arches and more, Utah


The Mummer’s Parade, Philadelphia


Las Vegas’ Neon Museum


Big skies and glaciers, Montana

1909693_1182811098190_77845_n - Copy

The Bronx, New York


Monterey’s Cannery Row


Elegant Charleston


Running with the llamas, Hammond Wisconsin


So are you tempted?  What’s your favourite US destination and why?

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