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I sat up half the night to watch the Northern Lights.  She said she was cold and wanted to go to bed.


I wandered the streets of New York all day.  She said her feet hurt and could we go back to the hotel.


I saw three lion cubs playing in the grass just in front of me.  She said that the trouble with safaris was that you had to sit in a truck for so long before you saw anything.


I drank mint tea perched on a packing crate deep in the souk.  She said was there a Starbucks anywhere because she needed a decent coffee.


I found a quaint b and b to stay in. She said she wanted a choice of pillows and twenty-four hour room service.


I said I worked to travel and saved every penny I had for my next trip.  She said she’d rather get those replacement windows in before the winter if it was all the same to me.