What’s your most unusual travel experience?

While travelling in South America recently, I was asked what my most unusual travel experience had been.  Put on the spot, I was momentarily thrown.  At the time, we were posing for pictures pretending to run away from a plastic T-Rex that our guide had placed on the world’s largest salt flat.  I couldn’t help but think that what one person might define as unusual might be entirely normal behaviour to someone else.  Our guide certainly thought that there was nothing weird about what he was asking us to do and judging by the number of pictures on the internet, he’s not alone.

DSC_0306 (2)

I’m at the stage in my travelling life when visiting off the beaten track destinations has become a way of life and as such, the kinds of things I do on my holidays are very different from your average traveller.  For me, to fly and flop would be a change from my typical holiday style.  Since I’ve been back, I’ve been giving a bit of thought to some of my more unusual adventures.  Taking the definition as something I wouldn’t expect to do on a regular basis, here are my favourite five.  What are yours?

Receiving a vodou blessing, Haiti


Watching a volcanic eruption from the crater rim, Vanuatu


Taking a lion for a walk, Zambia


Presenting the prizes at the Running with the Llamas festival, USA


Eating rotted shark, Iceland


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