What’s your favourite tourist board slogan?

There’s nothing that puts a smile on your face quicker than a tourist board slogan on an airport billboard.  Sometimes, they’re inspired.  Sometimes, though, they’re so bad that the joke’s on them.

One of my all time favourites is from the Far East.  Malaysia Truly Asia is an alliterative joy. Over on the other side of the world, I ❤ NY is as iconic today as it was when it was first thought up back in 1977.


The perfect place for doing nothing: fabulously unexpected

Some slogans prove to be truer than could ever have been realised.  Haiti’s Fabulously Unexpected rang true, but not always for the right reason.  Some are just plain awful.  Panama, couldn’t you have come up with something better than It Will Never Leave You ?  Fiji Me has thankfully been replaced by Fiji: Where Happiness Finds You, though the top question asked about the country according to Google still seems to be “Is Fiji a country?”

If a slogan is just too obvious, it fails to deliver.  I reckon Maldives’ The Sunny Side Of Life falls into this category, as does Thailand’s offering, It Begins With The People.  I’m on the fence about Canada’s Keep Exploring and still can’t get my head around Incredible India.  (Or, if we’re mentioning cities, Incredinburgh, for that matter, though that was axed.)  Germany: The Travel Destination is clear but dull, though their Twitter feed places the same logo beside Simply Inspiring which is marginally better.


Rothenburg: simply inspiring?

Humour’s always a good idea, when it’s deliberate.  Australia might currently be going with There’s Nothing Like Australia, but they’ll never surpass So Where The Bloody Hell Are You as far as I’m concerned.  Jamaica’s posters adorned my walls as a university student, but its latest slogan Home Of All Right, is pretty good in my book.

There are a few slogan generating websites out there that in general cope badly when tasked with coming up with something snappy based on a country’s name.  I thought I’d see if Visit Sweden could be improved at http://www.sloganizer.net – it came up with Sweden: Yabba Dabba Duh.  It was, however, more successful with Nigeria, generating the delightful Nigeriarific.

What are your favourites?  Can you improve on any of the official offerings mentioned above or have you seen worse?

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