Updates on blogs and articles published recently

It’s been a crazy few days since I returned from my Trainline Europe Germany trip.  Not only have I been finishing off all the write ups for the train journeys, I’ve also been getting up to date with blogs for some of my other regular clients.  I’ve been Gabbin’ with the Gibbon – writing posts for a Thai outfit who specialise in zip lining tours in both Thailand and Cambodia.  Theitin.com went live a few weeks ago; I’ve been sending over a few bunches of articles to add to the thirty or so that are on the site already.  They’ll go live at some point, but right now I don’t know when.

Embera Puru villagers meeting our boat

To Oldly Go is out and on sale at major bookshops as well as the likes of Amazon.  My chapter tells the story of a trip upriver in Panama and there are plenty of others from much more established travel writers, making this an excellent read.  And of course, I write a regular blog about New Zealand for Go4Travel who have just commissioned a few on Germany as well, so watch this space.  If you want to read what I’ve mentioned, head over to my website at http://www.juliahammond.co.uk/Travel/PUBLISHED.html and click on the links.

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